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It’s Time to Recertify

It’s Time to Update Your Proof of Residency

Recertifying with Brooklyn Free Speech is a simple and easy process. Please just bring in a current utility bill AND an unexpired ID so that we can verify your Brooklyn residency. We unfortunately will not be able to process any new reservations until your Brooklyn residency has been verified.

  • Why do I have to recertify?
    • Great question! We are the Brooklyn-focused, Brooklyn-centric Brooklyn Free Speech, so we want to ensure that Brooklynites are getting their voices heard on our channels.
    • If you are not certified, you cannot be given access to our camera, audio, or studio equipment.
  • What are the best options for proof of residency?
    • Gas bill
    • WiFi bill
    • Cable bill
    • Water bill
    • Electric bill
    • Satellite bill
    • EBT Card Statement
    • Voter Registration Card
    • Brooklyn Residence lease
    • Telephone bill (cell / landline)
    • State-issued Unemployment Stubs
  • What are the best options for ID?
    • Driver or Non-Driver, NY State ID
    • Passport
    • Student ID
    • Any photo ID issued by a government agency

If you have a question about how to update your proof of residency, please call or email Matthew Allen, Community Producer Liaison at 718.683.5649 or [email protected].

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