Art Exhibitions

BRIC’s contemporary art program presents rigorously curated exhibitions and programs focusing on emerging and mid-career artists whose work captures a rich cross-section of ideas, voices, and artistic media that reflect Brooklyn’s diversity.

Current Exhibitions

Emerging Creators: 35th Annual Student Exhibition
BRIC Youth Curatorial Exhibition: THIS I BELIEVE
11th Annual Concrete Stories: BRIC Youth Media Festival Exhibition

Upcoming Exhibitions

Past Exhibitions

Kevin Claiborne: Lost Boys
Aftermath by Data Through Design, presented by BRIC
B-side: (Broken) Memory and Remix
Jenny Polak: Homeward Bound
Emerging Creators
BRIC Youth Curatorial Exhibition: The World, Reflected In Your Eyes
When I Am Empty Please Dispose of Me Properly
Buzz Slutzky: For Example
Sarah E. Brook: The Need You Know It Is A Letting Light
Rodrigo Valenzuela: New Works for a Post Worker’s World
Sophia-Yemisi Adeyemo: Earth & Iron: Archival Visions of Land and Struggle
Re: generation | 33rd Annual Student Exhibition
Youth Curatorial Fellowship Exhibition: I’m Walking ‘Ere
Suné Woods: Aragonite Stars
Jonathan González: The Smallest Unit Is Each Other
Na’ye Perez: What You Know Bout Love…
Tura Oliveira: We Are At a Moment That Will Be Remembered as the Beginning of the Great Change, For Who Can Say When a Wall Is Ready To Come Down
Koyoltzintli Miranda-Rivadeneira: The mountain I am, Urku ñuka kani
Athena LaTocha: In the Wake of …
Adama Delphine Fawundu: Joyful Blues
Together and Apart: 32nd Annual Contemporary Art Education Exhibition
2021 Youth Curatorial Fellowship Exhibition
Latinx Abstract
Tura Oliveira: I Saw God and She Wasn’t Made of Money