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Exhibitions 2013–2014




July 10 - August 31, 2014

Transcommunality: Laura Anderson Barbata, Collaboration Beyond Borders

Transcommunality is based on the concept of building bridges between international communities, in this case, with those practicioners who incorporate stilt dancing into their lives as a way to maintain and revilatize cultural traditions. The exhibition presents the collaborative work that Laura Anderson Barbata has undertaken over several years, which demonstrates the possibility of using a traditional art form as a platform for contemporary performance, social protest, and collaboration. The exhibition at BRIC House will be the inaugural presentation of this show in the United States. For more information >>

July 10 - August 31, 2014

The air we swim in

Curated by Kelly Schroer, 2014 Recipient of the BRIC Emerging Curator Fellowship

Presented in the Project Room of BRIC House, The air we swim in focuses on artists who have a desire to create physical, tangible interactions with elements that inhabit our same space, yet are invisible to the human eye. Artists Include: Hanny Ahern, Thessia Machado, Eric Shows, and Palden Weinreb. For more information >>


Top Image: Spontaneous intervention, collaboration with Brooklyn Jumbies in Mexico City, 2011, photo: Marco Pacheco