BRIC Condemns Damage Of BRIC House Black Lives Matter Banner

On Thursday, Sept. 1, an individual tore down the Black Lives Matter banner on the exterior wall of BRIC House, damaging it beyond repair.

The shared statement of solidarity with Black and Brown communities between BRIC and neighboring UrbanGlass has hung on the corner of Rockwell Pl. & Fulton St. for a year, replacing a previous banner in 2021.

A different BLM banner shared by the organizations was also damaged beyond repair in 2020.

Wes Jackson, BRIC President, said today:

“It’s disappointing to see this kind of hate toward our community still prevalent on the streets of Brooklyn. BRIC House has always been a place for Black and Brown Brooklynites to gather, create, and share with one another – and we celebrate that throughout our work each and every day. I want to make it clear to the perpetrators and to our community, nothing will stop our commitment to racial justice and dedication to marginalized communities as we continue to build a more equitable, creative future for Brooklyn and beyond.”

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