Looking forward to BRIC’s Triennial

Dear BRIC Friend,

My name is Elizabeth Ferrer and for 14 years I’ve served as Chief Curator of BRIC’s Contemporary Art Gallery. I’m writing to you – a BRIC supporter – to tell you about something I’m very excited about: in 2023, BRIC will host our first-ever Triennial dedicated to the work of disabled artists. Every aspect of this project, one that will encompass all of BRIC’s programmatic disciplines, will be curated and shaped through the lens of accessibility and with the input of the disability community – a true testament to BRIC’s values and our commitment to the communities that we serve.

I’m inviting you to support this important work as we look forward to this ambitious, artist-centered undertaking.

Throughout my time with BRIC, and throughout our history, BRIC has played a very important role in leveling the playing field for artists and audiences that are not reflected within the work of traditional arts institutions.

Our 2023 Triennial will build on that legacy by fostering creative space for disabled artists and audiences in a way that, over time, I hope will center these individuals more meaningfully within our programming. In order for us to pull off this vital undertaking, we need your support.


Please contribute to BRIC with a tax-deductible contribution before December 31st.

At BRIC, we put people first. All people. With your support, together, we will provide barrier-free opportunities through which BRIC artists create transformational work.

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