Meet BRIC’s Emmy-winning producers

BRIC Friend,
Since 2009, BRIC community producers Marcelle Lashley and Raymond Thomas have jointly run a nonprofit organization that provides kids with the tools to create film and television projects while teaching them about financial literacy. The youth working with Marcelle and Raymond work through complex issues like bullying in schools and systemic racism that are direct barriers for our youngest Brooklyn residents.

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This year, two of Marcelle and Raymond’s films that aired on our Brooklyn Free Speech public access television network won New York Emmys! We couldn’t be more proud. This work impacts the lives of youth across Brooklyn each and every day.

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For Marcelle and Raymond, this work is about giving kids the tools, resources, and knowledge to set them up for success in life. With their regular Saturday morning 11:00 AM slot on Brooklyn Free Speech, Marcelle tells us that they “are helping to rewrite the narrative of what Saturday morning cartoon television looks like.” Through your support, YOU are an integral part of this work each and every day.


Trailer for the Emmy-Winning “DEAR BULLY


From the entire BRIC community – of which you are an invaluable member – thank you for all that you do to change the lives of the next generation of Brooklyn artists, media makers, and storytellers.
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