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For decades, BRIC has served as a creative catalyst for artists from all walks of life. BRIClab, our multidisciplinary residency program created to advance opportunities for visual artists, performers, and media makers, is key to that work.


Nicole Awai
P.S. Simultaneity, 2017
Graphite, Acrylic paint, nail polish, resin, construction foam, flocking, collaged prints, synthetic paper, and paper
52 x 158 in
Courtesy the Artist and Barbara Davis Gallery.

By supporting BRIC, you enable us to provide BRIClab artists with the tools and resources to create culture-shifting work. With your investment, this year we’re providing 19 artists and artist teams responsive residency support across the different tracks of BRIClab.

“The BRIClab residency was such a great experience… I just really enjoyed the community – the conversation between that range of experiences in the residency program…. Anytime I’ve interacted with BRIC has always been so positive.” – Nicole Awai

BRIClab is often a pipeline for artists to expand their craft into other areas of BRIC program, like former BRIClab artist Nicole Awai who has been involved with the residency program through different iterations for over 20 years. In 2001, she took part in what was then known as our “Media Arts Residency” and, in 2017, she returned to BRIC as a Contemporary Art BRIClab resident. These opportunities with BRIC provided Nicole with the tools and networks to build her career as a working artist in Brooklyn and across the country, including exhibiting with BRIC in 2018, and going on to land a prestigious teaching position at UT Austin and a solo exhibition at Barbara Davis Gallery in Houston.


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At BRIC, we put people first. This includes BRIClab artists like Nicole Awai and so many others who make Brooklyn creative and vibrant. With your support, together we will provide the opportunities and tools with which our BRIC artists create transformational work.

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