10-Year Anniversary of B Free Awards, Celebrating the Content Creators of BRIC’s Brooklyn Free Speech TV & Podcast Network



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10-Year Anniversary of B Free Awards, Celebrating the Content Creators of BRIC’s Brooklyn Free Speech TV & Podcast Network

A live televised event, BRIC’s B Free Awards celebrates community journalism and the everyday heroes producing stories in support of their communities.

(BROOKLYN, NY — April 18, 2023) – Brooklyn Free Speech, a New York Emmy Award-winning community media network, will celebrate the 10th anniversary of its B Free Awards. The annual, live televised event honors the filmmakers, producers, and podcasters whose content airs on the network. Actress and Comedian Hollie Harper and Radio Personality and BRIC staffer Cory Mac will host this year’s B Free Awards on Saturday, April 22, 2023.

Executive Director of the New York Emmy Awards and 14-time Emmy Award winner, Mike Kostel will be a presenter at this year’s ceremony. There will be performances by Jamaican soul singer and guitarist Emprezz Jay who will sing “The Star-Bangled Banner” and A Very Effective Combination, made up of band members Aaron Bertrand on drums, Idris Frederick on piano, Max Spinelli on bass, and Nasyir aka Osyris Antham on vocals will bring their fun and melodic sound to round out the night.

Content creators are nominated across 16 categories ranging from comedy to People’s Choice. The only B Free Awards category open to public voting, People’s Choice gives viewers from all across the globe the opportunity to be part of the awards show by voting for their favorite TV show and podcast. The voting competition has been intensifying over the last few weeks with one video edging out its competitors but you never know who will actually come out on top until it’s over. Voting ends on B Free Awards night at 7:30 PM. View all of the People’s Choice 2023 contenders and vote at bfreeawards.award.vote.

The B Free Awards will take place at BRIC’s sprawling 15,000 square foot art gallery and event space in the downtown Brooklyn cultural district on Saturday, April 22, 2023. Live red carpet coverage begins at 5 PM, the awards ceremony begins at 7 PM, and the after party begins at 9 PM. The awards will be televised live on all four channels within the Brooklyn Free Speech TV network and streamed live at BRICartsmedia.org/HD.

2023 is a big year for BRIC, celebrating the 10th anniversary of the B Free Awards, the 35th anniversary of Brooklyn Free Speech TV (formerly BCAT) and the 45th anniversary of BRIC Celebrate Brooklyn!

Founded in 1988 BRIC’s Brooklyn Free Speech TV network levels the playing field for creators by providing wallet-friendly television and film education, game-changing opportunities, free access to media equipment, and worldwide distribution for their content. BRIC’s 9,000 square foot media center boasts three TV studios, a media lab, 10 edit suites, a podcast studio, and an extensive media equipment share program where creators trained by BRIC have free access. Brooklyn Free Speech TV has programs in over 16 languages and is watched in 50% of the homes in Brooklyn. Those outside of New York City can watch Brooklyn Free Speech TV via online streaming and YouTube.


B Cinematic
This award honors exceptionally executed script-based programming of any genre.

B Documented
This award honors excellence in documentary film, emphasizing engaging storytelling and high production value.

B Spoke
This award advances and strengthens the use of Free Speech in podcasting.

B Harmonious
This award honors engaging music programming in the form of live music, music videos, or talk shows focused on music.

B Hilarious
This award honors engaging comedy performances (stand-up, sketch comedy, or scripted comedy).

B Entertaining
This award honors engaging variety acts, eclectic performances, and talk shows.

B Young
The B Young Award is given for programs that are by, for, or about people under 25 years of age.

B Free First Amendment
The B Free First Amendment Award is given for work that has advanced or strengthened the notion of Free Speech in the community. The show could document work around the First Amendment or be a program which pushes the limits of Free Speech.

B Artistic
The B Artistic Award honors programs produced with a high level of creativity or artistic expression.

B Healthy
The B Healthy Award is awarded to shows that inform viewers about health or fitness and encourage them to adopt healthy lifestyles.

B Informed
This award honors programs that convey news and/or current events that we might not find elsewhere.

George Stoney Award for Social Impact
This award honors non-news programs that had a direct, identifiable positive effect on a segment of the population. It’s named in honor of George Cashel Stoney, who was an American documentary filmmaker, educator, and widely recognized as the “father of Public Access television.”

WOW! Factor
The WOW! Factor Award is given to an on-air personality or host with a keen ability to keep the audience engaged. The WOW! Factor can be found in a traditional on-air style host, or it could be that person you just can’t stop watching.

Spirit and Being
The Spirit and Being Award goes to a show that examines who we are, why we’re here, or the meaning of life. Shows submitted in this category can encompass either spiritual or lifestyle programming.

People’s Choice TV & Podcast
This is the only category chosen by you, the people. Two winners will be crowned B Free Awards People’s Choice 2023. Vote everyday until Saturday, April 22, 7:30PM at bfreeawards.award.vote

BRIC’s Brooklyn Free Speech TV network is where media dreamers come to become media makers. We are a media production house and television network that provides education, opportunity, and content distribution.

No matter where you’re from, what language you speak, how old you are, your economic status, or political affiliation— you are welcome at BRIC. BRIC levels the playing field so that TV, film, podcast, and photography dreams are possible for everyone.

Since hitting the airwaves in 1988, the Emmy winning network has aired hundreds of thousands of hours of community-produced content on its five channels. We take great pride in sharing the locally sourced content from our community and serving as a conduit for it to be seen by anyone, anywhere in Brooklyn, and beyond.

BRIC is a leading arts and media institution anchored in Downtown Brooklyn whose work spans contemporary visual and performing arts, media, and civic action. For over forty years, BRIC has shaped Brooklyn’s cultural and media landscape by presenting and incubating artists, creators, students, and media makers. As a creative catalyst for our community, we ignite learning in people of all ages and centralize diverse voices that take risks and drive culture forward. BRIC is building Brooklyn’s creative future. Learn more at BRICartsmedia.org.

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