2024-2025 Arts for MLLs and SWD Grant Program

Hello Educators! Welcome to BRIC’s 2024/25 Arts for MLLs and SWD questionnaire. The form we are asking you to fill out collects background information that will be used to complete the upcoming Multilingual Learners (MLLs) and Students with Disabilities (SWD) partnership grant. As your arts partner, BRIC will collaborate with you to develop a winning proposal to be submitted by the participating school. BRIC may not submit a proposal on behalf of a school.

BRIC’s in-school arts and media residencies bring professional teaching artists directly to your classroom. Each year, we engage over 4,000 students throughout Brooklyn and parts of Queens. We’re eager to learn more about your school’s needs and how we can support them.

You must complete and submit this form by Friday, May 31, 2024, in order to be eligible for the Arts for MLLs and SWD partnership grant. Linda Mboya, Senior Manager of Youth Education, is your main contact at BRIC. Please contact her if you have any questions at [email protected] or (718) 683-5612.

BRIC Youth Guiding Principles

  • BRIC’s knowledge of the Blueprint has strengthened and deepened our partnership with schools.
  • BRIC teaching artists understanding the educational goals of visual arts teachers and their schools are essential to creating strong collaborations.
  • BRIC residencies/teaching artists provide a diverse array of materials and technology that elevate arts education. Teaching artists are professional artists who bring their expertise to the classroom. The skills and values students acquire during the residency enhance social and emotional development and improve school engagement.

Blueprint & Learning in Arts Standards

  • Art Making: Exploration of art materials and techniques in two-dimensional, three-dimensional, or moving image art forms.
  • Developing Literacy: Students hone observation skills and develop visual and arts vocabulary.
  • Making Connections: Students apply arts skills and knowledge to interpreting the world.
  • Community & Cultural Resources: Students are given the opportunity to visit and/or exhibit outside the school environment.
  • Exploring Careers & Lifelong Learning: Students gain an appreciation of art as a source of enjoyment and future employment.