Concrete Stories: BRIC Youth Media Festival is planned, promoted, designed, and judged entirely by media-savvy high school students as part of the BRIC Youth Media Fellowship Program. 


A look at the 2021 Concrete Stories Award Recipients! Youth Media Fellows

The Lab (7 min) | Concrete Stories Award

A stop-motion animation epic adventure.
By Joaquim Ross


Full Circle (2 min) | Directing

This film is a PSA about mental health. It conveys the importance of reaching out to friends and family, even if they seem fine. Many people who suffer from depression are very good at hiding it. This is why it’s important to reach out to people.
By John Mastrion


Rest (2 min) | Editing

This video is about me, Damaris, coming to terms with my fathers death. When my father died there was no closure or chance to process all that had happened through our broken relationship. For a long time, I was unable to truly say goodbye but through this video, I believe I have put all my feelings towards his passing to rest.
By Damaris Plaza


Metacarpus (3 min) | Cinematography

Metacarpus follows a student who is getting ready to attend a job interview. While doing their routine, odd things begin to happen around the apartment. From flickering lights to slamming doors, the student gets more and more spooked. What could be causing these phenomenons?
By Damaris Plaza


Normal Family (9 min) | Storytelling

Maya Velazquez’s documentary, “Normal Family”, is about her discovering of the coming out story of her two moms for the first time.
By Maya Velazquez


At the Tone (5 min) | Viewer’s Choice

A self-portrait film with no face. At the Tone goes into the definition of self-imagery in the eyes of important people in my life and how I’ve impacted their lives and their perception of me as a person through various voice messages.
By Julissa Bedford


Concrete Stories aims to promote conversations around the power and potential of young people by showcasing authentic, entertaining, and diverse works by New York youth media makers under the age of 21. The virtual event features the screening of a collection of short docs, fiction films, music videos, and animations. Awards are given for directing, storytelling, cinematography, acting, editing, and viewer’s choice.


The festival is run by the Youth Media fellows and gives a platform to young people to express themselves as well as to demonstrate their skills. It is important to bring people together in a time when we are physically apart in order to create community. Our goal is to instill confidence and validate the story and experiences of the filmmakers.

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