Mar 15, 2024

Opening Reception: Aftermath by Data Through Design, presented by BRIC

6:30-8:30 PM ET

Event Info

Data Through Design is pleased to announce the opening of Aftermath presented by BRIC, a public exhibition of 9 data-driven, interdisciplinary art projects open March 16th through 24th. We invite you to join us for the opening reception on Friday, March 15th at BRIC in Brooklyn starting at 6:30 pm. Please register here for a ticket.

DxD is a yearly data art exhibition featuring works that creatively analyze, interpret and interrogate data made available in NYC’s Open Data Portal.

The theme for this year is Aftermath

We live in a perpetual state of aftermath. The data we collect today represent reverberations of past events; edited, interpreted, and distilled to tell a story of history. Data drives our narratives and shapes not only the future but also our vision of the future — a narrative of us and where we expect to be. Who is telling that story, and how does the aftermath of events shape how it’s told? This year, we invited artists to explore how data reflects (and does not reflect) these lived aftermaths and to interpret the idea of aftermath through data. How does data define and organize time and space in our articulations about the world? How has the past molded our present and how will we sustain our future? Will we drown in a flood of information or make meaning from the mess…?

Exhibiting artists and projects:

  • Saralee Sittigaroon + Ziyu Zhang: NYC Clock
  • Raphaël Laude: Parcel ATM
  • Helmuth Rosales: Emissions of a Real Fantasy: The Aftermath of Fresh Kills
  • Sophie Westen Chien: Soil on the Move
  • Tatiana Kalainoff: Rezoning: At What Cost?
  • Zongze Chen, Sharell Bryant, Angel Mai + Yitong Chen: Chaosphere
  • Claudia Berger + Gabriella Evergreen: Pockets of Information: Community Care in a Speculative New York
  • Pia Bocanegra, Lesley Huang, Danny Yang + Linda Yang: Rat Revolution
  • Sonia Sobrino Ralston: Plants: Informational Entities Over Time

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