Tuesday, June 25, 2024

The Future Been Female: Women in Hip-Hop, Dance Class & Cocktails

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Dance Class & Cocktails

The Future Been Female: Women in Hip-Hop

A 21+, First Come. First Serve. Event
For the dance portion, students won’t need mats but should wear shoes / sneakers that they can workout in and fitness attire.

On the heels of the 50th anniversary of Hip-Hop, Downtown Brooklyn Partnership and BRIC are (literally) shining a light on and honoring the women of Hip Hop. Conceived by fashion icon April Walker, this public art installation will project historic images, lyrics and quotes by women artists, leaders and innovators over four Tuesday evenings, paired with interactive programming in Albee Square.

With the “Future Female” projection in the background Jamiyla Burton will bring her Dance Fit Experience to Albee Square and guide the public through a one hour dance class that will focus on fun and wellness, all while enjoying fresh craft cocktails. The experience will be limited to thirty individuals of drinking age.

April Walker Headshot

April Walker

Globally Renowned Fashion Icon

April Walker is a fashion icon, entrepreneur, educator, and author whose work has been featured in Forbes, In Style, Essence, The New York Times, Drink Champs, Vogue, CFDA. Walker has also been featured in award winning documentaries such as “The Remix Hip Hop X Fashion” and “Fresh Dressed”.

As a Brooklyn native, she followed her creative intuition, pioneering urban fashion, setting the stage for a revolution in fashion industry norms, gender politics and culture shifting. Walker shaped the direction that style would take in the future. As the first woman with an urban fashion brand, Walker Wear helped to create a multi-billion dollar industry known as streetwear today, commanded millions in sales, and kicked in distribution doors for this category. Creating one of the most influential brands in our histories to date, “Walker Wear” is still relevant and sold worldwide, and most recently, has collaborated with the WNBA’s New York Liberty team.

As one of the first to identify and implement the power of product placement, Walker was one of the first to start a styling division working with clients like SHAQ, Wu-Tang, Hype Williams, and many more. Icons such as Tupac, BIG, Jay-Z, and Aaliyah have all donned her brand.

Walker has also served as the Vice-President for Phat Farm, launched a women’s division for And-1, and has consulted for Dreamworks, Champion, Ron Artest, and MLB Licensed products. When Walker is not sitting at the helm of Walker Wear, she is a book author, an educator, TISCH/NYU adjunct professor, contributor to Parson’s “Streetwear Essentials”, producer, and her work has been featured domestically and internationally by Sotheby’s, Photoville, and at the Kunsthal and Centraal Museum.

Jamiyla Burton Headshot

Jamiyla Burton

Jamiyla Burton, the founder and CEO of DFX, is a Temple University film graduate with a passion for dance and film production. With years of experience dancing for esteemed organizations such as Freedom Theater, Jamiyla has also worked for Disney as a character costume wardrobe artist. Her exceptional dancing skills have been showcased in Atlantic City and for the NFL, leading her to create the ultimate DFX.

As the visionary owner of DFX, a lifestyle company that combines cardio workouts with healthy cocktails, Jamiyla's mission is to spread joy through movement and a balanced lifestyle. She believes in the power of connecting people to see life from a positive perspective. With a background in entertainment and a dedication to holistic health, Jamiyla is committed to helping individuals achieve harmony and wellness in their lives.

Company Mission statement:

Our mission at DFX is to revolutionize the social event scene by combining the worlds of cardio and cocktails. We believe in creating a unique and elevated experience that brings people together over fitness and healthy libations.

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Tue | 7:30 PM
The Future Been Female: Women in Hip-Hop, Street Art Chalking

The Future Been Female: Women in Hip-Hop, Street Art Chalking

  • Albee Square