How To Become a TV Producer

Yes! You can have your own show on the Emmy-winning Brooklyn Free Speech. The cool since 1990 community-made TV & podcast network empowers media artists to make their dreams a reality.


6 Easy Steps To Get Your Own TV Show / Podcast

In order to use the media center’s state-of-the-art television and podcast studios, production equipment, editing suites, and facilities—at no cost—you will need to become a Certified Community Producer.

Step 1: Orientation


In order to use the media center’s state-of-the-art equipment and facilities, you will need to become a Certified Community Producer.

What is a Certified Community Producer?
A Certified Community Producer is anyone who has completed one of the eleven (11) media education certification courses we offer: TV Studio Production (BRIC House), Video Production in the Field, Video Editing with Premiere, Mini-Studio Production, the BRIC Documentary Intensive, Black Box Filmmaking, TV Studio Collaborative, BRIC Podcast Intensive, Intro to Radio Podcasting, Studio Podcasting, and Field Audio Equipment Certification.


Orientation is a pre-requisite for all individuals and organizations wishing to take our certification courses in order to use the BRIC Media Center’s facilities and equipment to produce their program, regardless of production experience.

Attend a free orientation session and learn all about the free and wallet-friendly, high-quality courses we offer.

Step 2: Chart Your Journey

You’re an artist! Chart the film, TV, or podcast journey that you want to take at the BRIC Media Center. Check out our media course catalog to start charting your journey.

Step 3: Learn

After attending an orientation session, you can make a reservation to participate in one or more of our media education certification courses. To become a Certified Community Producer, complete one, or all of our media education certification courses.

If you have dreams about [television & film] production, you can come here and make it happen— that’s the way I feel.
You know what Brooklyn Free Speech represents to me?
It represents the open door.” — Robb Gilmore

Step 4: Become a TV/Web Series/Podcast Star

Congratulations! You’ve completed a certification course with our media education program and reached Certified Community Producer (CP) Status! Go you! You now have full access (in your particular area of certification) to use Brooklyn Free Speech’s state-of-the-art media center—at no cost—to produce your own show on Brooklyn Free Speech.

Now that you’re at CP Status, get your own TV show on Brooklyn Free Speech by filling out the new series application below AND calling or emailing Kareem Bland, Tyrone Gorin, or Gen Liu in our programming department at 718.683.5643 / 718.683.5644 / 718.683.5652[email protected] to schedule a virtual appointment.


Step 5: Watch/Listen

Watch Brooklyn Free Speech TV
Brooklyn Free Speech provides content creators with an opportunity to voice their hopes, dreams, ideas, and aspirations to their community through its five Public Access television channels which is cablecast to over 550,000 households on Verizon, Spectrum, Optimum, and RCN—worldwide via online streaming.

Visual Guide: How & Where To Watch Brooklyn Free Speech

What’s On 1 | What’s On 2 | What’s On 3 | What’s On HD

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Watch on YouTube
Check out the Brooklyn Free Speech YouTube channel for Media Tips, short-form documentaries, and to watch all of the B Free Awards People’s Choice videos.


Listen on Brooklyn Free Speech Radio
Brooklyn Free Speech Radio is the borough’s first community podcast network with content produced and edited by New York City’s most diverse audio makers.


Step 6: Marketing

Okay, so you’ve completed steps one through five. You have this great content, but now how do you get the word out about what you’ve created? Marketing is sometimes the last thing that people think about but it’s really the most important.

A few things to think about:

Your success is our goal. The Brooklyn Free Speech marketing team is here to ensure that you succeed. We’ll be scheduling marketing workshops in the coming months, but for now if you have a question about how to market your Brooklyn Free Speech show please feel free to reach out.

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