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Founded in 1988, BRIC Media (Brooklyn Free Speech TV and BRIC TV), had a very simple and pure dream of opening the doors of media possibilities to Brooklynites. Today, that dream has expanded to include highly affordable media education, game-changing opportunities, and free content distribution for anyone, anywhere in the world.

Help us keep that dream alive but supporting the Community Media Reinvestment Act. Let your representatives know that you support the Community Media Reinvestment Act by making your voice heard through our legislative portal.

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It only takes 2 minutes! Write your elected representatives by following the steps below:

  1. Scroll down to where it says “Enter Your Address”.
  2. Enter your street address and zip code.
  3. Click “GO” to proceed.
  4. Enter your personal message in the framed box in the letter.
  5. Copy and paste your personal message from the first letter to the framed box in the second letter.
  6. Review the information and confirm your support.
  7. Input your contact info.
  8. Click “SEND” to submit your support letter to elected officials
Commercial v Community

What are the differences between Commercial Media & BRIC Media?

  • Commercial Media: Commercial media outlets are typically owned and operated by corporations or conglomerates. They are profit-driven entities with centralized control over content production, distribution, and advertising. Decisions regarding programming and editorial content are often influenced by financial considerations and market interests.
  • BRIC Media: We are a local, community organization founded on wanting to open the doors of media possibility for New Yorkers. As a Raised by Brooklyn nonprofit, we prioritize community interests over financial gain. Open to all and free of charge, Brooklyn Free Speech TV (BCAT) has aired thousands of hours of programming since its founding in 1988. Our showrunners control what airs on the five-channel TV network and maintain full ownership of their content.
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Written by: BRIC President Wes Jackson
Unfortunately, public access centers across the country are facing a funding crisis. Right now, community media centers are supported by fees received from agreements with cable providers. But with the rise in streaming, cable subscriptions are in steep decline