In Memoriam

Marc Anthony Butcher

Marc Anthony Butcher was a longtime Community Producer at BRIC. His bright smile, courageous heart, and generous spirit touched all he met.

Mr. Butcher aired several shows on Brooklyn Free Speech TV where you could see him roller skating (he was very good!), showing off the B Free Awards trophy he won in 2019 for Most Valuable Producer, and showcasing the poetry he wrote about love and relationships.

He was an incredible marketer as he wore his own brand Poems for Peace to promote his art, his poems, and his show. We are going to miss you so much, Mr. Marc Anthony Butcher. Rest well.

Orange Blue Gradient

What Color Is Love?

A Poem by Marc Anthony Butcher

Well, you see, Love is Orangeblue.
It is the color the morning Sun sends
through the atmosphere upon me and you.

As you know Orangeblue often
comes mixed with gray.
Think of all those loveless days
you prayed the gray away?

Now and again you feel
Love is Yellow, too,
so frightened that it just
strikes out constantly at you.

Once in a while you understand
why Love is vivid Green.
Its jealous envy is the most
vicious thing – you could ever dream.

But can you remember
Love’s angry, vibrant Red
ranting, murderous, suicidal rage
over something simply said?

As you consider the words you read
and the statements being made:
ponder by yourself a little while,
Love’s Purple-thru-Violet shades.

Yet I am not here to decide
for you, what color Love should be;
I only hope to have shared a
little of how Love appears to me.

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