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Community Producer Upgrade Courses

We’re excited to announce upgrade courses that are just for our Brooklyn Free Speech community producers.

Upgrade Courses

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Yamaha TF Upgrade4/17Wednesday, April 17, 20242-4pm$10Studio BREGISTER NOW
70D Upgrade, in person4/24/24Wednesday, April 24, 20246-9pm$20Studio BREGISTER NOW
Yamaha TF Upgrade5/1Wednesday, May 1, 20246-8pm$10Studio BREGISTER NOW
C100 Upgrade, in person5/9/24Thursday, May 9, 20246-9pm$20Studio BREGISTER NOW
Yamaha TF Upgrade5/29Wednesday, May 29, 20242-4pm$10Studio BREGISTER NOW
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Crew Support Form

Find crew for your TV studio productions.

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Crew Support List

Match your TV Studio Production with creators who have the production skills you need.

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Production Volunteer Form

Volunteers are the best! Not only does it make you feel good but you’re helping a fellow producer. Fill out this form to let creators in the BRIC producing community know that you’re available to help.

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Production Volunteer List

View the full list of BRIC producers available to volunteer for your various shoots and projects.

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