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Celebrate Brooklyn! Dance Parties at Brooklyn Bridge Park

Brooklyn Bridge Park
Balkan Beat Box, Joro Boro

Balkan Beat Box / DJ Joro Boro

May 8, 2014· 7:00 PM
Global Dance Party 

Since 2005, Balkan Beat Box has been pumping out a kinetic kaleidoscope of Mediterranean-meets-electronic music and shows no signs of stopping their boisterous party. Fueled in part by people’s protest movements across the globe—from the Arab Spring, to Occupy Wall St., to Israel’s own massive social protests—their music captures the cautious hope and re-energized spirit of our time. Also hailing from the Balkans, "crunk charlatan" DJ Joro-Boro will bring his unique beats—described as etnoteck, glitch-folk and post-national bass—to the turntable at the top of the night. Get there early for a belly dancing lesson (Dance of Venus) that will surely shake up your mid-section.

Balkan Beat Box, Joro Boro

Cibo Matto / Javelin / JD Samson

May 15, 2014· 7:00 PM
Electro-Jamz Dance Party

The Japanese art-pop duo, Cibo Matto, is back and just as sparkly as ever. After a fourteen year hiatus, these ladies, famous for their songs about food, return to the scene with a new celebrated album Hotel Valentine. With brushstrokes of hip-hop, funk, and pop, their colorful songs are the perfect palette to cure you of your winter blues. Second in this musical collage are the cousins of Javelin who are known for their synth-hammering, knob-twisting, sample-happy beats. And to kick it all off JD Samson (Le Tigre, MEN) will prime the evening with a DJ set.

Balkan Beat Box, Joro Boro

Sierra Leone's Refugee All Stars / Okayafrica Electrafrique w/ Chief Boima and DJ Underdog

May 22, 2014· 7:00 PM
African Dance Party

Rising from the ashes of a war-torn country, the musicians of Sierra Leone’s Refugee All Stars have overcome great obstacles to bring their inspiring music to fans across the globe. Steeped in hope, faith, and joy, their uplifting messages are further fueled by their warm, up-tempo Afropop beats, which pull from their West African musical heritage as well as reggae. This evening’s positive vibes will start flowing withOkayafrica Electrafrique featuring Chief Boima and DJ Underdog on the turntables. And, if you need yet another reason to shake what your mama gave ya, we will have a dance lesson at the opening of the party by Iris Wilson (FELA!) who is an instructor at Cumbé: Center for African and Diaspora Dance.

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