BRIC Youth Media Festival

Concrete Stories: BRIC Youth Media Festival is planned, promoted, designed, and judged entirely by New York City high school students as part of the BRIC Youth Media Fellowship Program. Meet the 2022 Youth Media Fellows!

The 2022 BRIC Youth Media Fellows worked hard to organize the 9th Annual Concrete Stories: BRIC Youth Media Festival which was held on May 26, 2022. BRIC congratulates them, the award winners, and all of the youth filmmakers who participated in the creation of the festival. The event featured a collection of films including documentary, drama, experimental, and animation shorts.


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Youth Media Festival

A look at the 2022 Concrete Stories Award Recipients! 


Panels (9 min) | Concrete Stories Award

A teenage artist struggles to grieve for the loss of his best friend. He uses his art to try  and honor him.

By Alexander Ortiz


Clearview Academy (2 min) | Directing Award

The viewer is  taken on a tour through Clearview Academy, a seemingly  average highschool.

By Christian Aguilera


Sirena (2 min) | Editing Award

A nameless main character is  walking home when they encounter a strange entity.

By Damaris Plaza


Block Orpheus (5 min) | Cinematography Award

This film retells the  classical Greek myth of Orpheus and Eurydice.

By William Trevino



The Trung Sisters and What It Means To Be a Woman (7 min) | Storytelling Award

The story of two revolutionaries from early  Vietnam, and what their lives tell us about sexism and  what it means to be a woman today.

By Mariella Reynoso


The Locker (3 min) | Viewer’s Choice Award

A student goes to his  locker after class to find it is being used by someone else. He chases who he thinks has been using it but finds out  he made a fatal error.

By Bailey Eckert-Chu

Concrete Stories aims to promote conversations around the power and potential of young people by showcasing authentic, entertaining, and diverse works by New York youth media makers under the age of 21. The virtual event features the screening of a collection of short docs, fiction films, music videos, and animations. Awards are given for directing, storytelling, cinematography, acting, editing, and viewer’s choice.

The festival is run by the Youth Media fellows and gives a platform to young people to express themselves as well as to demonstrate their skills. It is important to bring people together in a time when we are physically apart in order to create community. Our goal is to instill confidence and validate the story and experiences of the filmmakers.

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