A Note from Leon Taylor

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Dear Community Producers

Tuesday, June 11, 2024

Thank you for all that you do!

We are thrilled to reflect on the incredible progress we’ve made together over the past few months. The positive vibes and constructive exchange in our Thursday, April 18 Zoom meeting echoed our collective investment in succeeding, together. Here are some of the highlights of our achievements thus far:

  • We’ve successfully launched a dedicated Community Producer Support Page on BRIC’s website. This platform has facilitated:
    • Over 48 productions posted, requesting crew support.
    • More than 25 volunteers have generously shared their availability to support fellow producers on various productions.

We’ve garnered over 750 Letters of Support for the Community Media Reinvestment Act, showcasing the strength of our community’s advocacy.

In the upcoming months, our aim is to ensure that every producer with a production receives the support they need. To make this a reality we will need every available certified producer listed on our volunteer roster, ready to lend their expertise and assistance. Over the next few months let’s turn the list of 48 productions into 100, and 25 volunteers into 150.

As we celebrate PRIDE, I want to highlight Late Stage Live, a trans-led, trans-hosted late show that airs on Brooklyn Free Speech TV. The show was recently featured in Jezebel and we couldn’t be prouder. Congrats to the entire Late Stage Live team!

Leon Taylor

Director, BRIC Community Media

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