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BRIC Media Education

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BRIC Media Education provides Brooklyn residents with access to a variety of free or low-cost, high-quality classes that enable our community members to produce content for television as well as learn more about the ever-changing landscape of technology.

BRIC House is home to BRIC Media Education's cutting-edge course offerings in television production, new media, and more. Equipped with state-of-the-art television studios, professional grade video cameras, a dynamic media lab, and more, BRIC House is a unique facility tailored to Brooklyn's growing media maker community.

Upon completion of our basic production classes, students become Certified Community Producer, which allows them to use our production facility and equipment free-of-charge to create their own Brooklyn Free Speech TV programs.

Please note: Becoming a Certified Community Producer is not a requirement to air a program on our channels.... it's just a really great opportunity for residents interested in media production to have hands-on experience with professional equipment and training.

Why is becoming a Certified Community Producer a great deal?
Let's do the math on the average cost for a 28-minute program...

Typical Studio Rental & Costs: Costs for Certified Community Producers:

Using rented high-quality field production equipment and post production services:


Using our high-quality field production equipment and post production services:


Using a rented studio, high-quality field production equipment, and post-production services:


Using our television studios, high-quality field production equipment, and post production services:


Convinced? Then take a look at our certification classes and join us at our next free Orientation so you can get started on creating your own TV production today! You can register here online, using a credit or debit card, or you can register in person using a check or money order at the Public Equipment office here at the Community Media Center at BRIC House. Please note: We do not accept cash.

Certification not the way to go? Not to worry! We have plenty of other classes that will familiarize you with other technologies you can use to make your message heard!

Class sold out? If any seats open up in our sold out classes, we will post them here on our website. Those seats are available on a first-come, first-served basis. We do not maintain wait lists for our classes. We recommend that you register for the next available class that works for your schedule in order to ensure you have a seat.


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BRIC House
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