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Watch Brooklyn Public Network

BRIC is the community access television organization for Brooklyn. Programming on the five-channel Brooklyn Public Network includes community-produced Brooklyn Free Speech; BRIC-produced, Brooklyn-focused Brooklyn Independent Media; and Brooklyn Bulletin Board, a 24/7 community calendar used by Brooklyn non-profits. BRIC’s community media programs offer residents free access to media production facilities and equipment, and low-cost media education.

Watch Brooklyn Free Speech
Verizon FiOS: 42 (channel 1), 43 (channel 2), 44 (channel 3)
Cablevision: 67 (channel 1), 68 (channel 2), 69 (channel 3)
Time Warner: 34 (channel 1), 79 (channel 2), 56 (channel 3)
RCN: 82 (channel 1), 83 (channel 2), 84 (channel 3)
Online streaming: Watch Brooklyn Free Speech channels 1-3, directly below.

Watch Brooklyn Independent Media
Cablevision 70
Time Warner 756 
Verizon FiOS 46
Online streaming: Watch Brooklyn Independent Media directly below.

Brooklyn Free Speech Channel 1screen

Brooklyn Free Speech Channel 2screen

Brooklyn Free Speech Channel 3screen

Brooklyn Independent Media